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Tree Removal and Stump Removal

The Tree Amigos specializes inlarge and hazardous tree removal and stump removal for residential and commercial properties in Arizona.

Professional Tree Removal and Stump Removal Services

Sometimes trees need to be removed for a variety of reasons. If they are diseased or dying, planted in the wrong place, causing major structural damage, or posing an unreasonable hazard it is time for them to be removed. The Tree Amigos uses the latest industry standard rigging and felling techniques to ensure maximum safety and control in order to protect property and personnel involved. We have the equipment and expertise to get the job done right. We will cut the stump to any height you wish and in many instances cut it below grade. We can also grind the stump away completely in order to sod or replant.

We specialize in large and hazardous tree removal! When needed a crane will be used for removal which can shorten the process, reduce costs, and protect property.

Tree removal can be difficult, dangerous, and costly if not done correctly. The Tree Amigos understands the importance of proper tree removal. Each job is completed by a certified arborist so you can feel confident the job will be done correctly.

After the tree has been successfully removed, we provide stump removal to completely remove any trace of the tree. Stump removal requires special equipment and is normally completed on a different day.

Reasons for Tree Removal

  • The tree is unhealthy or dead
  • The tree was damaged in a storm
  • The tree is growing to close to a structure or utility lines
  • Tree roots are encroaching on your house
  • There is significant crowding among trees on your property
  • The tree is obstructing views
  • You are planning new landsaping

Completed by Certified Professionals!

All your work is completed by an ISA Certified Arborist - a professional in the art and science of tree care.

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